WORK-IN-PROGRESS June 2023: Much of animation is 2 characters interacting with each other.  Using ANAMO's CapturyLIVE 3D markerless motion capture we can mocap 2 characters at the one time.  

MoCap Test with Audio: In this example - to test audio with movement -  we captured a scene with 2 characters; then used Unity and synced up the audio with the animation as a work-in-progress test. 

AnamoLABS 'animation cluster' - perfect for making creative choices on set.

3D marker-less motion capture is perfectly adapted for creative iteration because it enables you to process and transfer animation onto any 3D avatar, fast.

With animation data reviewed in 'real time' - right there in Unity or Unreal Engine while the dev is still on the shoo - the quality of the capture can be evaluated well in advance of the final character being animated.

And because reshoots can take place while the actor is still on stage, you can get the best take in the can there and then, instead of having to absorb the cost and time needed to bring everyone back at a later date.

FishermansFriend2023a 1  FishermansFriend2023b 1

Using MoCap Outdoors: This next example was a tech demo where we experimented with moving a character through woodland. 

How individual movements can be captured: This next example was prepared by Gerald O'Brien (GOBSTAR / Fado Fado Films) to explain how quickly we can produce usable footage.  Embedded in the video we show how individual movements were captured for use. 

CapturyLIVE, 3D Marker-less Motion Capture => Streaming to Unity will consistently reduce the time, costs and post production issues associated with professional animation.

AnimationWorkshop2023 1