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Proposed facility for AnamoLABS-Cork to assist in the development of AnamoLOCKER 2022-2025

Investment in ANAMO to date has been provided by our directors and the support that we have receieved from members of our tech clusters - clinical, sport and digital media.  We believe,  that progress during the pandemic, together with the results of our research and development of markerless motion capture systems has opened up significant market opportunities in pour target business sectors. 

AnamoLABS Cork September2020

- Our existing facility at the Marina Commercial Park, Cork, Ireland -

We are now ready to offer AnamoLIVEā„¢ to the market.  Being markerless, mobile and accurate allows us
to produce real time practical reports beneficial to all involved with human motion.

We are currently looking for early stage investors.

Please contact john.fitzgerald [at] anamo.net  or 086 81687478.