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AnamoLABS™ seeks to offer the most objective musculoskeletal assessment possible.  By using a disruptive but 'value innovation approach' we are continuing to deliver new and improved cost effective elements to our motion capture product / service offering.  

Anamo's Objective Range of Motion Assessments

Our new 3D motion capture protocols and upgrades offer the 'next class' range of objective and comprehensive motion assessments to healthcare professionals and career sports & athletes. 

range of motion assessments to be objective and comprehensive

create new or improved elements for the product or service, but also result in cost savings by eliminating or reducing unnecessary aspects during the product lifecycle.

new motion capture protocols and upgrades  




AnamoLABS - Cork seeks to drive local health and wellbeing, through our focus on movement and mobility. Today, we're studying more opportunities for innovation than ever before using innovative markerless motion captury.  

Our world is made up of complex systems. Increasingly, to extract value from their full potential, we have to understand how they work in all their different environments. 

You see a doctor. He carries out some tests and writes a prescription. You visit a pharmacy to get medication and pay your bill.  In this example, you have interacted with six industries that together account for 10.2% of the world's gross domestic product. 



"To advance our healthcare systems, it's not enough to learn of new medicines, assess risks or promote wellness. As with any complex system, we need to analyze individual work flows, how people interact and how our processes can be made more productive and human." 


AnamoCGA  - The Opportunity

Clinical Gait Analysis is ....   For most of those involved their health reacords are still stored in manila folders in their doctor's/clinicains offices - handwritten notes, X-ray films and hard-copy assessments and reports. AnamoCGA is a standards-based infrastructure that stores and distributes health records securely designed not only to save our local healthcare services industry millions of euro but which would also let patients control their own care with greater ease. 


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