Anamo Dynamic WarmUp

This is the very first in our range of Apps focusing on exercise preparation, rehabilitation and injury management.

Our life science and performance team here at Anamo have noticed a significant trend among those new to exercise programs or indeed recommencing exercise or training after a period away from activity. Quite often our clinicians and coaches hear and notice that people are engaging in exercise and physical activity without engaging in any movement preparation or warm-up.

We were interested to find from our focus groups that there was one stand-out reason for this……people quite simply did not know what to do or how to do it when it came to preparation and warm-up. This answer was as common in the US as it was in the UK, Ireland and across Europe.

To address this need we designed this simple and easy-to-follow app so that you can avail of a safe, appropriate and responsible series of warm-up and movement preparation exercises that will leave you better prepared for your activity ahead as well as lowering your chances of suffering injury. It’s important to follow and understand each exercise on every occasion you choose to exercise……the five minutes of thereabouts for your warm-up will not only prepare the heart, lungs, skeleton and muscles for what is ahead it will also help prepare and engage the mind in the task ahead and so ultimately help you get better results and more enjoyment from your activity. Oh and lowering the chance of injury or re-injury is of course a huge benefit.”

Paul Clarke