What is Interactive and why is it so important
that we have named a separate division of Anamo after it?

Motion Capture has been around for years, but its only recently that it has become “Real-time”. What this means in an interactive context is that computers are now able to recognize human movement live, as it happens.

As you can see in the video above, Virtual Reality is becoming more and more accessible, meaning more and more people are taking the plunge into virtual worlds. But what happens when you are there, that you want to interact with that virtual world?

What can interactive motion capture bring to virtual or Augmented worlds?

The answer is you.   Without motion capture, the computer would have no idea of where you are looking with you head, or where you are pointing with you hands.


Example 1: Controlling a computer using gestures only


Leap Motion is a really cheap and affordable device that can be used for a multitude of interactive projects. The device captures a 3D scan of your hands many, many times per-second in order to understand your movement, It is then able to understand what gesture you are making based on those scans and movement patterns.

For the end user however, what this means is that you can give the computer a thumbs up, and it will know!


Example 2: Interactive gestures in VR


Whether its using highed motion capture devices such as AnamoLive and Xsens or consumer devices such as Lean motion, interactive gestures are the future of interacting with virtual worlds.


Example 3: Live Performance Motion Capture:


Above is an example of a live performance that we captured back in 2016. Using the Perception Neuron Inertial Motion Capture Suit, we were able to motion capture our dancer in a Live Venue in Realtime. What kind of industries could this have a big impact on? Imagine if our children’s favorite cartoon characters could interact with them? Imagine how cool it would be if our favorite rockstar could be duplicated 1000 times on an screen behind him while he performs you favorite song? Imagine the future of Skype conversations? Speaking of...

Sample Industries affected: Television, Live entertainment communication technology.


Example 4: Detecting Injury

Interactive Motion Capture doesn’t need to be all about entertainment or visualization. There are many everyday things that could be improved by the concept of interactive motion capture. In the video above, Gerald O Brien of Anamo Interactive explains how motion capture can be used monitor an athletes performance and well being. At the end of the day, motion capture is just data. So why can’t a computer analyse our movement for the benefit of our health similar to how it might analyse our personality based on facebook likes?

Sample Industries affected: Ergonomics, Sports Science and Clinical Diagnostics.