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“How can we improve our service to you and our mocap clients" ? 

With more informed clients looking for a better quality service, there is a wide range of motion capture technologies on the market today to help monitor and capture movement including MicroSoft Connect; SIMI; Xsens; Perception Neuron; Rockoko; Captury; Organic Motion to mention a few.

Since our formation, Anamo Prometrics Ltd has continued to research the benefits of these technologies to improve the quality of their service while reducing their costs. At ANAMO, we continue to believe that our best option is CapturyLIVE created by Dr Nils Hasler at the Max Planck  Institute in Saarbrücken, Germany. 

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Helping you navigate your mocap options ...

Anamo Prometrics Ltd has recently begun discussions with DariMotion (USA) for the rights to distribute CapturyLIVE and CapturySTUDIO in a number of countries in Europe.  Our intention is to use our experience to removes the many entry barriers that organizations and individuals experience when looking to use 3D Motion Capture for SportsTECH; GameTECH; MedTECH; Animation and AR/VR.  Our experience and bias continues to be CapturyLIVE 3D Markerless Motion Capture Systems as this continues to provide us with  a solution that provides the best price-to-value available.

At Anamo, we would welcome the opportunity to listen to your priorities and objectives as you focus on 2024 and beyond. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop an approach customised to meet your specific needs with regard to motion capture - markerless of marker based.